Why Contraceptives?

Why are contraceptives important? What motivates someone to use a specific contraceptive method? Who cares?

  • There are 62 million women of child bearing age (15-44) in the US today, 7 of 10 are sexually active and do not want to have a baby.
  • It is estimated that 99% of sexually active women have used some form of contraceptive method and that 89% routinely use contraceptives.

A person of reproductive age has two options if they do not wish to have a child: abstinence and contraceptives. From the above data one can see that abstinence isn’t always the most desirable and some have sex without the use of a contraceptive, while others decide from one contraceptive method or another. Contraceptives were intended for people who still want to have intercourse, but not become pregnant as a result. Bayer’s Yaz line of birth control pills sold over $1.7 billion dollars alone, amid lawsuits due to potential health risks. This site is intended for the education of anybody who is or will be sexually active, or those of us that are just interested in good science. At some point in our lives we all will encounter some kind of contraceptive, with modern science the risks are decreasing and efficacy is increasing. Knowing that something works to prevent pregnancy should be replaced with knowing how it works, so one can truly look objectively and consider the possible side effects and health risks.


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