On-Going Research

The research done by Dr. Dolores Mruk has continued to lead the way in Adjudin becoming a male contraceptive. In her experiment Dr. Mruk injected male Sprague-Dawley rats in the peritoneum with a dosage of 15ug/kg of Adjudin per week. Then at time points of 2,4,6,7 and 12 weeks male rats were put in a cage for 2-4 days with a female virgin rat so they could mate. None of the female rats were found to be pregnant after mating whereas all female rats that were mated with control males did become pregnant (Mruk et al.). This is an early indicator of the effectiveness of Adjudin as a male contraceptive. 12 weeks after treatment the rats testis showed ~80% of their seminiferous tubules had normal spermatogenesis occuring (Mruk et al.).

Dr. Guo-Xin treated Japanese male rabbits via intravenous injection or oral administration depending which group the rabbit was in. Each rabbit, oral and IV, was given 25mg/kg per week for four consecutive weeks. Looking at the histology of sections of testis and epididymis in the IV treated rabbits showed that 70% of tubules were absent of functional sperm after 2 weeks of treatment and 95% of tubules were absent after 4 weeks of treatment. The oral administered group never showed better than 70% reduction in functional sperm. After being off Adjudin for four weeks the IV group of rabbits had 50% of tubules showing functional sperm (Guo-Xin et al.). This study is demonstrating that intravenous injection of the Adjudin-FSH mutant is superior to oral administration in suppressing functional sperm production while also being reversible.

Figure 1. Sections of rabbit testes. A is a cross section of a control rabbit. B and C is cross sections of IV treatment at 2 and 4 weeks respectively. D is a cross section after 4 weeks of oral treatment. E and F are cross sections 4 weeks post-treatment of IV and oral treatment respectively (Guo-Xin et al.)


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