There are many ongoing studies into an effective and reversible contraceptive pill for a man to take with minimal risk involved. Looking for the male version of the “pill” has been a strenuous task that has yet to provide the people with a result. Creating a contraceptive drug has been difficult because a male can produce new sperm at a rate of 1000 per second (Jones and Lopez). This makes it difficult to find a drug that can effectively and reversibly alter sperm so that they are infertile, a more daunting task than one egg a month. That does not mean there aren’t some drugs more promising than others. Two drugs seem to be leading the pack on becoming the first pharmaceutical agent to be a marketable male contraceptive. Adjudin and Nefidpine are both promising yet have some problems that still need to be addressed.

As researchers get ever closer to solving the mystery of male contraception there are always new avenues being investigated. To say that one of these two drugs is the “be all and save all” of pharmaceutical contraception is naive but at this moment in time these two show promise with both possibly failing with further experimentation. There are many other drugs out there that are not discussed in this page. Some other sources that provide information on the other pharmaceutical contraception’s are:


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